Uber Driver Vinod Wins the Internet With a Rendition of 'Nazar Ke Samney'

After Ranu Mondal, Uber driver Vinod takes the internet by storm as his video singing Kumar Sanu's 'Nazar Ke Saamne' got viral. Check his story here!

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Uber Driver Vinod Wins the Internet With a Rendition of 'Nazar Ke Samney'

After Ranu Mondal, who became an overnight Internet sensation and singing star, recently another man, yet another singing sensation is making way to social media.

Here we are talking about Lucknow's Uber driver Vinod who also found his way through the internet and took social media by storm. At first for his rendition of Kumar Sanu's popular song- 'Nazar Ke Saamne' from Aashiqui, and now with  Shah Rukh Khan's Mitwa, this man is winning hearts.

It’s all done by a passenger, who was on a drive with this taxi driver. He not only recorded a video of the driver singing Kumar Sanu's hit song, 'Nazar Ke Saamne...' but also shared the video on his Twitter handle.

While sharing the video, he captioned it as,

“Met an @Uber_India driver Vinod ji in Lucknow. He is an amazing singer and asked to sing a song for me after finishing his ride. Aur kya chaiye.
Please watch this video and make him famous. He is also having his own @YouTube @youtubemusic channel.  #Lucknow #Uber”

In an interview with LatestLY, he talked about his passion for singing.

About his current success, he credits it to God and the blessings of his elders. He said,

"I have been singing since I was 3 or 4 years old. When this habit became an addiction, I didn't even come to know. In 2007, I auditioned for a radio show, and, thanks to my luck, I got selected. My financial status was not good so I could not learn classical music."

Further, he mentioned that Vinod's family members were not so supportive of his passion for singing initially. Hence, he used to practice singing somewhere alone when he was a kid. However, now, he has two kids but says that the passion for singing has kept him enthralled.

He said,

"Now, I even drive a Uber. Sometimes, I drive less and sing more. If I had a private job, I'd have felt suffocated.”

Vinod recently started his own YouTube channel. He always asks his passengers to subscribe to his channel.

He said,

"I meet 10-12 people daily. I drop them and request them to listen to my song."

While talking about reality shows, he said he had auditioned for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Indian Idol also.

He added,

"It is about luck. Being selected or not is upon God's will, also. But I gave it my best. Whenever I didn't get selected, I tried harder again. So, that I can tell myself and my kids, that I gave it my all to the auditions."

He revealed,

"Now, I am saving up money. I want to launch my personal music album that would include my personal compositions.
I started driving Uber myself in July. Just recently I became debt-free after paying off the loans."

He said further that he never asks for money but always blessings,

"I am just waiting to collect Rs 20 thousand. I don't want money from anyone, just blessings.”

At last, he said,

"I am a die-hard fan of Kumar Sanu. I have written a song. I wish he sings my personal composition once.”

All The Very Best to Vinod for His Singing Future!