Tusshar Kapoor to be a Single Father of Baby Boy ‘Laksshya’

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The 39 years old B-Town actor Tusshar Kapoor becomes a single father of a baby boy “Laksshya” via surrogacy.

Tusshar Kapoor overjoyed to announce the arrival of his son Laksshya, born last week through IVF and surrogacy. The entire kapoor family was thrilled and welcomes the baby at home.

It is not for the first in Bollywood industry, there are many celebs those who took help of the medical gift surrogacy. Amir Khan, Shahrukh Khan are some famous renowned name from the town.

Tushar kapoor was single till Monday but today he revealed the most exclusive news, by welcoming a baby boy.


Tusshar Kapoor Welcomes a Baby Boy “Laksshya”

  Tussha- Kapoor-to-be-Single-Father-of-Baby-Boy -Laksshya’
Talking about it, Tusshar Kapoor said, "I am thrilled to be a father! The paternal instincts in me have been overpowering my heart and mind for some time now. Therefore, I am thrilled beyond words to have Laksshya, now the greatest source of joy in my life. By the greatness of god and the excellent medical team at Jaslok (hospital), parenthood is an option for many, who choose to be single parents."
Proud grandparents, Shobha and Jeetendra, are very happy and gave joint statements
“We could not be more excited to be grandparents to Laksshya, and are completely supportive of Tusshar's decision. This is certainly a tremendous blessing, and an exciting time in our lives.

"Tusshar is a wonderful son, and he has proven with responsibility, independence, and kindness that he will be a great father to Laksshya,"

The IVF treatment was led by Firuza Parikh, Director of IVF and Genetics at the Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre also expressed

Appreciating Tusshar's decision and dedication, Parikh said: “I am impressed with Tusshar’s determination to be a father. He maintained a keen interest in the baby’s health at every stage. He will surely be a sensitive and nurturing parent.”
Parikh added that recently they have we have had many single men and women approved for parenthood.
"As a public figure, Tusshar’s brave and bold decision will open the field of assisted reproduction making it accessible to not just single parents, but also to many who fervently desire to have a baby.”
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