TOI’s Wince Reply On Deepika Padukone’s Open Letter!

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The controversy of Deepika Padukone’s cleavage, has once again taken an eerie turn, when the times of India’s bounced back in response of Padukone’s open letter. A few days earlier The Times of India, posted an articles headlining, 'OMG, Deepika's cleavage show’ in response to which the actress came up with a retort, followed to which now one again TOI replied on Deepika Padukone’s cleavage issue.

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As per the TOI’s defending response, Deepika is a hypocrite as she wears exposive clothes outside the movies as well, in dance shows, for magazines and others. TOI further said, “Are we going to have a parallel censor board for pictures of film stars taken off screen but in plain sight of the world, as Deepika's was?’. This in a sense means that Times of India believes that they are unconstrained to zoom on Deepika’s cleavage as she flaunts it in her real life too.

The publication said that they don’t have a problem with Deepika celebrating her body or flaunting it, but asked the actress that do they have to check it out with her, before publishing any of her pics? Furthermore, TOI also questioned Padukone, asking her about the timing of the fury, saying that why she has not protested about it earlier as the video is on YouTube since a long period of time, TOI’s statement “Deepika kept silent over this video for one year and chose to raise a furor and suddenly felt 'violated' only during the release of her movie Finding Fanny.  Presented with some of the bikini pictures of the actress from several magazine covers, is anguishing for many fans of Padukone as well. In the past days there have been seen a plethora of tweets and stories over the topic on different portables or platforms.

Well all-in-all the reply of TOI with a lot of allegation and explanations, has taken the topic to a new level elucidating that it is a war between a known publication and the actress with her fans. All here we can say is that a country where a leading publication surmises that if a woman shows her cleavage, then the media is entitles to peep into her cleavage, what can you expect from those politicians justify rape by saying that,’ the girl was asking for it’.