#TheZoyaFactor: Sonam Reveals B-Town Celebs’ Lucky Charms, Watch!

Sonam Kapoor is busy promoting her new flick 'The Zoya Factor.' And, she is revealing B-town celebs’ lucky charms over social media. Check out the clips here!

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#TheZoyaFactor: Sonam Reveals B-Town Celebs’ Lucky Charms, Watch!

Sonam Kapoor is leaving no stones unturned to promote her upcoming flick titled 'The Zoya Factor' opposite Dulquer Salmaan since the day trailer released. And today, she again rolled the dice to do the same. Well, this time the actress, busy with the promotional leg, came up with a quirky and unique trick to promote the film.

Yes, recently, she shared few videos of some popular Bollywood personalities talking about their lucky charms.

Sonam received a video of Ranbir Kapoor, her Saawariya co-star, where he talked about his lucky charms. It can be heard in the video that Ranbir is talking about his lucky charms in life. He also revealed how he used to have his own beliefs as a child and spoke about his obsession with number 8.

He told about the time he used to hope to see a car with a number plate with digits adding up to number 8 while heading for a meeting. Further, the 'Sanju' actor stated that while going to school, he also used to wait to see a red mail truck as a kid.

Sonam shared the video and captioned it as,

“My good friend, #RanbirKapoor has just sent this sweet video of his lucky charm! Thank you so much mere Sanju! Tell me your lucky charms using the hashtags below! May the luck be with you! WhatsYourLuckyCharm  #TheZoyaFactor”

Further, she shared a video of Alia Bhatt, Ranbir's beau, talking about her lucky charm. Alia started the video saying that she believes in luck a lot and feels that the universe has a way of making things happen to all. Later on in the clip, she revealed that whenever she wants anything badly, she acts out the entire situation by herself in front of her mirror in the bathroom.

Sonam captioned the video as,

“@aliaa08, your lucky charm describes you best! Good thoughts and good vibes only! Thanks for sharing your lucky little secret! WhatsYourLuckyCharm #TheZoyaFactor”

Later she shared a video of filmmaker Karan Johar talking about his lucky charm. In the video, he shared that he had a belief that the alphabet 'K' was his lucky charm at the beginning of his career, but later he dropped the idea. He further revealed that now he believes that conviction has been his lucky charm.

Sonam tweeted,

“Could this get any better! KJo himself has shared his lucky charm! Self belief is the true lucky charm! WhatsYourLuckyCharm #TheZoyaFactor”

Varun Dhawan also shared his beliefs. Sonam shared his clip and wrote,

“Thank you so much @Varun_dvn for sharing with us your lucky charm! Aur jab Zoya ka luck tumhaare saath hai, toh jo screen chahoge woh screen lucky ho jaayegi! WhatsYourLuckyCharm #TheZoyaFactor”

The film, helmed by Abhishek Sharma, is based on a book by Anuja Chauhan with the same name in which Sonam transforms into Goddess. The film is slated to hit the screen on September 20.