#TheKapilSharmaShow: Rahat Indori & Ashok Chakradhar Steal the Show

In the latest episode of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show,’ we saw Shayar Rahat Indori and Hasyakavi Dr. Ashok Chakradhar stealing the show with their shayaris and poems. Know all about the episode here!

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#TheKapilSharmaShow: Rahat Indori & Ashok Chakradhar Steal the Show

The Kapil Sharma Show,’ where Comedian Kapil Sharma interacts with celebrity guests and keeps the audience laughing with his humor and assorted skits, yesterday hosted Indian Urdu poet and Bollywood lyricist Rahat Indori and author Ashok Chakradhar.

The episode begins with Kapil Sharma reaching on stage, and just then a postman arrives on stage with a telegram in hand for Kapil. It showed that Kapil received that telegram from one of his relatives. Further, Sapna came on stage looking for Chandan Prabhakar and then Bharti comes in her new character as Kapil's bua.

The audience gives her a grand welcome and seems that they love the new character of the show. Soon the skit ends, Kapil Sharma comes back on stage, now as the host and receives a warm welcome. Then he calls renowned poet and Shayar Rahat Indori on stage who has written a lot of songs for Bollywood as well.

Rahat Indori receives a standing ovation the moment he comes. After the introduction, Kapil insisted him to recite a few of his shayaris which also entertained people the most.  There was a time when Kapil Sharma pulled Indori’s leg on one of his shayaris-

“Asma laaye ho, zameen pe rakh do.”

Kapil asked Rahat Indori sir if his wife also says,

“Cash laaye ho, toh Cupboard main rakh do.”

This statement of him not only entertained the audience but also left the poet in splits, and he applauded Kapil’s sense of humor.

Kapil Sharma also asked Rahat where does he draw inspiration from? On that, he said,

“Aadmi budha dimag se hota hai, dil se nahi.”

Meanwhile, Kapil also invited Hasyakavi Dr. Ashok Chakradhar on stage. And like Rahat Indori Sir, he too received a standing ovation. While talking to Kapil, he revealed that Google and Microsoft approached him to help them with Hindi language programming. He also shared that he is not the only poet in his family as his wife and father-in-law are also renowned poets.

Later, the poets told how they are miserably paid, and sometimes the organizers even dupe them. Ashok Chakradhar spoke on his experiences that how sometimes they are called for events, get complete hospitality but, the organizers run away without paying, post the show.

During the conversation, Baccha Yadav makes an entry on stage and calls two men, Peter, and Malcolm whom he's called to appreciate him. And, he further entertained the viewers with his popular jokes. Well, he exits the stage, but the audience is kept entertained by Shayar Rahat Indori and with his shayaris.

Later, Dr. Ashok Chakradhar also praised Kapil Sharma and said Kapil has the talent to make the entire universe laugh by heart. Further, to spice up the show more, Kapil asks the members of the audience to show their talent with shayaris. Further, then Sapna made an entry on the stage and made everyone laugh with her wit & humor.

And, the episode ended with a picture and a selfie!