Sony's 'The Interview' Makes Over $18 Million Since Hitting Web!

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The interview has become Sony Picture’s No. 1 Hollywood film of all time with $ 15 million earning in its online sales and $ 2.8 million in theaters. The movie, ‘The interview’ serves the assassination of Kim Jong Un North Korean supreme leader in the façade of a raunchy comedy.

Grand Online Success: $ 18 Million in Opening Week

The controversy drown around the film dragged it to a highly impressive figure amassed from its online sales. The movie has turned out to be a hyped online success, as it managed to earn more than 15 million in its opening week in limited theaters.

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According to reports, Hollywood movie ‘The Interview’ has been online rented or purchased for more than 2 million times in a couple of days. Exhibitor Relations’ Box office analyst Jeff Bock said "That is a huge number,"

"This is almost what it was going to do theatrically before it was pulled. It made about what people expected, but in a completely different way."

Sony Pictures’ ‘The Interview’ Frowns Post Cyber Attack

The film that is struggling from last month’s cyber attack, which according to United States was triggered by North Korea, spent approx $ 30-$ 40 million in its marketing and was supposed to earn $ 20 million in its opening week.

The film, which was budgeted $ 40 million, opened with $1 million box office in 331 independent theaters. Starring James Franceo and Seth Rogen, ‘The Interview’ haven’t gone for a wide release down to its devastating cyber attach and even large theaters as Regal Entertainment and AMC called off to show the film, concerning the hostility from hackers.

However prior Sony carried the movie to the most popular content store iTunes, it turned out to be Sony pictures highest online release figure up till now.

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