Tanushree, Vinita & Rangoli Slam Ajay Devgn for Working with Alok Nath

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It’s been a month now after the trailer of ‘De De Pyar De’  got released, and Tanushree Dutta who is widely known as the harbinger of India's #MeToo Movement raised her voice against it.

It has been said that the #MeToo movement began in India only after Tanushree accused Nana Patekar,  her Horn OK Pleassss co-actor, for sexual harassment on the sets of the film.

And, once again she spoke up. She has not only slammed the filmmakers of the film but, she also called out the superstar Ajay Devgn for continuing to work with rape accused actor Alok Nath in De De Pyaar De.

She said in the statement,

“Tinsel town is full of liars, show-offs and spineless hypocrites. And it seems by a large public consensus that the signpost is pointing currently at Ajay Devgn.”
Further, she stated that it was possible to reshoot scenes of Alok Nath once the accusations against him were made public.

She continued saying,

“But no, they had to keep the alleged rapist in their film and rub it on not only (accuser Vinta Nanda’s) but on all our faces”.
Blaming Devgn for supporting (Alok Nath) to make a comeback to Bollywood, she added,
“Nobody even knew before the posters and trailers that Alok Nath is in the film so if Ajay Devgan and the makers wanted they could have just quietly replaced him and re-shot his portions.”
She continued,
“It’s time India wakes up and stops worshipping these morally bankrupt actors, directors, producers and others who clearly put on a facade of being family men just to promote their careers.”
She also called Ajay a ‘Hypocrite’ for working with Alok Nath even after he was implicated in several #MeToo stories and said,
“During the #MeToo movement in India, the actor had tweeted and sworn never to work with those accused and now in a surprising and convenient turn of events is working with rape and harrasment accused Alok Nath and supporting him to make a comeback to Bollywood.”

However, many have spoken on the internet over the casting of Alok Nath after the trailer of De De Pyaar De released on Ajay Devgn's birthday. For that, Ajay Devgn had also explained saying:

“The film was completed before the allegations surfaced against the concerned person.”
In response to this, Tanushree told IANS,
“Nobody even knew before the posters and trailers that Alok Nath is in the film, so if Ajay and the makers wanted they could have just quietly replaced him and re-shot his portions (which is barely 10-15 days for character actors in Bollywood), and given Vinta Nanda the respect she deserves as well as several other women who were troubled by this guy... but no.”
Also, Rangoli Chandel, Kangana Ranaut's sister, has now spoken up against Ajay Devgn after having lashed out at Mahesh Bhatt and Soni Razdan.

She tweeted,

“These men are so intoxicated with power and money, they are teasing the movement by supporting fellow harassers and slyly mocking the victims, also shamelessly defending their actions with lame excuses...(contd)”

In another tweet, she said,

“(Contd)....and all those who are enjoying the sweetness of silence just because it is happening to somebody else’s daughter shall know the world is round and everything comes around 🙏 #Metoo”

Not only Tanushree Dutta but also writer Vinita Nanda who accused the veteran television actor of rape and sexual harassment in October 2018 spoke out against the film.

In an interview with Mid Day, she said,

“ I don't expect anything from Ajay Devgn. I don't think he is in any position to take a stand. The money riding on the project is the only dharma for them.”
She added,
“When it comes to the box office, nobody (in the industry) follows any other religion. There is no right and wrong. Their politics and ideologies go for a toss. Their reluctance to take action is the giveaway (of their intentions).”
She continued saying,
“The audience is the only agency that can reject the film. If it doesn't, then it goes to show how regressive we are as a society. But I am optimistic about the young generation. They will give sleepless nights to all these men and women, who are not able to take a stand.”
At last, she said,
“Few women have the kind of inner strength that Tanushree has. I don't know any among those around me. Most are afraid to even meet me, lest they be viewed as supporters of the movement.”
Earlier when Vinita Nanda raised her voice, a case was filed against him, though he was granted anticipatory bail. Few more actors like Himani Shivpuri, Sandhya Mridul, and Deepika Amin shared their stories of facing harassment by Alok Nath.