Take It Easy Review

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The film ‘Take It Easy’ is completely based on the contemporary dilemma of urban children and social structure of modern time metropolis. The Bollywood movie ‘Take It Easy' gives a very good message to the parents of the modern societies and its story is extremely sensitive and touchy.

The story of the film revolves around the dilemma of children who is constantly pressured to do extremely well in academic sports and their ambitious parents want them to fulfill their wishes.

‘Take It Easy’ Raises a Legitimate Point in Front of Modern Society

The film ‘Take It Easy’ directed by ‘Sunil Prem Vyas’ raises an extremely valid point “What's more important... to become a good person or a successful one?” like ‘3 Idiots’ a film by Rajkumar Hirani.

The story of the Bollywood movie ‘Take It Easy’ is all about the parents who are pressurizing their children for the better performance and results. Parents are putting lots of extra burden on their children for the best results and performance. In such cases most of the children take some wrong steps and these made them depressed.

The young actors Yash Ghanekar as ‘Ajay’ and Prasad Reddy as ‘Raghu’ play extremely good roles in the film. Actors Joy Sengupta and Dipannita Sharma play the role of richest parents of the small boy Ajay. Raj Zutshi plays the role of Raghu’s Father and Anang Desai plays the role of loving and cool grandfather.


‘Take It Easy’ is a story of innocent cute little children and their dreams. Movie has good story idea but the execution of the film is like a never ending daily soap serials.