Diya Aur Baati Hum: Suraj and Sandhya Ignoring Each Other

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Star plus serial ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’: 7 January 2015 episode stars with Suraj pointing out on the mark on his lovable wife Sandhya's nose, she sees this mark in mirror and recalls the moments happened in past. Suraj gives kerchief to Sandhya and he races the scooter seeing her.

Mohit Totally Confused About his New Job offer!

On the other side Ankur praises Mohit, by saying that he could see old Ankur in him, he says that he can see talent and well-turned man in him. Ankur says, I want new well talented team in Pushkar and gives appointment letter to him offering Rs 20000 salary saying that after getting permanent, the salary would be Rs 30000.

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Mohit thinks about Ankur’s offere as he gives him an advance cheque of Rs. 20000 and advices him not to let his personal life come across his work. Ankur stay outside the door and watches Mohit taking the cheque.

Bulbul greets Chotu at Sandhya’s home. Bulbul teases him saying Motu and laughs. Chotu welcomes Ankita, she (Ankita) gives Laddoos to Chotu, Bulbul and Chotu stars fighting, and Sandhay stops their fighting.

Diya Aur Baati Hum: Bhabho Wishes to Invite Sandhya to the Family Function

Diya Aur Baati Hum Episode

Chotu takes permission to leave him early today, as he wants to go at tailor‘s shop to get Suraj’s shirt buttons stitched, as Bhabho is not well. By saying that he started doing his studies again and keeps the shirt there and looks at Sandhya (Deepika Singh). Sandhya thinks I will not interfere in this matter.

On the other side Bhabho calls Suraj to get some items from market, reminding him about her wife Sandhya by giving him a bag. Suraj recall his past memories with Sandhya and leaves.

Sandhya stitch the shirt and gets hurt by the needle. After some time Suraj comes and wear that shirt. He founds a fragrance of scent in it. Then he removes the shirt, Bhabho comes to him, she says I didn’t said anything when you made Sandhya leave the house and even refused to bring her, but after a long time a big function will be held in our house, I want to see my family together, call Sandhya once for my happiness.

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