#Super30: A Film That Inspires & Features a Heart-Winning Performance

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#Super30: A Film That Inspires & Features a Heart-Winning Performance

Another movie based on the real-life story has finally released after amazing posters and trailer, and as expected, it’s a film with beautiful storytelling and heart-winning performances.

The story of the flick, Super 30, apprehends Anand's turbulent life and the string of challenges he faced while establishing his well-admired ‘Super 30’ institute. As the story rewinds to 1996 where it all started, the film also unravels in a flashback. It could be seen in the movie that Anand (Hrithik), son of a postman, is a brilliant student but lacking somewhere due to poor family background.

Anyway, Anand's immense dedication leads to getting him selected for Cambridge despite the hurdles in life. But life hits him hard and breaks his spirit as he has to let go of this opportunity of a lifetime only because he is unable to afford the fees.

Although he gets picked by Lallanji (Aditya Srivastava) to become a mathematics teacher for affluent students at an IIT coaching center and soon he started feeling better about it. But later he realizes that he must use his skills to give lesser privileged but bright students a fair chance at life. And then he started to lead a group of 30 underprivileged students and educate them for free to crack IIT’s entrance exam.

But, it never goes smooth as Anand faces opposition from certain enemies who also create never-ending obstacles for him as well as his dedicated students.

The movie drives home the message that education is truly the privilege of those who have access and economic resources. And for many, it remains a distant dream, unfortunately.  They have it in them to shine equally bright, but only if given the same opportunities.

After the start of his Super 30 classes, there are many moments in the movie that will move you. Often the students barely have anything to eat, and Anand has to scrape through. But it can be seen that the real hunger of those students is for better education and a better life.

There are several inspiring as well as heartfelt moments in the flick that touch your heart instantly. Especially when he said, “Aapatti se aavishkar ka janm hota hain,” and you believe him as you are already seeing how driven his batch of students are, that they are daring to dream big, leaving behind their impoverished lives. Moreover, the cinematography (Anay Goswami) of the film in the second half, stands out and some of the dialogues hit home.

Essaying Anand Kumar, Roshan pulled off a solid performance and captured his character’s determination very well. Apart from Hrithik, Nandish Singh is well-cast and earnest as Anand’s brother.

Also, Mrunal Thakur gave her best even in her limited screen time. Where Aditya Srivastava matches the villainy of his character to the hilt, on the other place, Pankaj Tripathi playing the role of the unscrupulous politician is brilliant. Must say that the performances of all elevate the movie the most.

Many celebs also appreciated the movie.

Karan Johar wrote,

“Congratulations to Sajid! Shibashish! Madhu amd Vikas for making such a lovely film!!! Go make your weekend more relevant and watch a superstar deliver a power house portrayal! @iHrithik #Super30”

Farah Khan wrote,

“Last night i saw what I feel is the Movie of the Year”! #Super30 .. laughed, cried,clapped n got goosebumps. @iHrithik ur always good but this performance is on another level.. No vanity All soul this one!! Any n every award is too less for You👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻”

Kriti Sanon wrote,

“#Super30 has its heart in the right place!!Absolutely loved the film!! So well made and such good performances! @iHrithik you are so so so good, seeing you perform gave me goosebumps! I’m a proud fan!👏🏻🤗 @mrunal0801 you are lovely!! @TripathiiPankaj sir..🙌🏻you’re my favourite 🤗”

Sohail Khan wrote,


One word review : SPEECHLESS

One of the best inspirational movie of this decade. What a performance by @iHrithik. 💯/💯 marks to him! Climax is the USP of this movie. You will cry after seeing the film for sure! The movie exposed the education system of India. ⭐⭐⭐⭐”

Sonali Bendre Behl wrote,

“Off to the movies🍿 🎥
It's been a while since I've been to one and I'm really glad I stepped out for this film. I laughed, cried & came out inspired... what a fantastic performance, @iHrithik! And kudos to the #Super30 cast for putting up such an outstanding film!”

It’s an Inspirational Movie That’s Worth Watching!