Bold Statement ‘I have had a one-night stand. Who hasn’t?’ by Sunny

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The beautiful hot actress ‘Sunny Leone’ is famous in Bollywood industry for her bold nature. Hot and bold Bollywood actress Sunny Leone will soon be seen in the upcoming film ‘One Night Stand’.

The upcoming Bollywood movie ‘One Night Stand’ is Directed by Jasmine D’Souza and movie features Sunny Leone with Tanuj Virwani. The movie is going to hit cinemas in the New Year 2015.

Sunny Leone Revealed Bold Statement at a Promotional Event of Film

She said at a promotional event of the film ‘One Night Stand’ that-

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“I have had a one-night stand. Who hasn’t? If they tell you they haven’t, they are lying. But it was when I was single. I cannot have one now and I will never have one in my life because I have what I always wanted. A husband who loves me very much,”

“It is for an individual to decide whether it is morally right or wrong”

said by bold diva when someone asked her to considered one night stand as moral rights.

Sunny Makes a New Year Resolution for Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Sunny Leone-Narendra Modi

According to a report Sunny Leone makes a New Year resolution on behalf of Narendra Modi-

"I want Narendra Modi to make a resolution for all the NRIs this year. The international community has been interacting quite well with him. His 2015 resolution should be to make it easy for NRIs like myself to do business in India,"
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