Sudeep on Transformation for #Pailwaan, Working with Anna & More

Recently, Kannada star Kichcha Sudeep spoke about his physical transformation for 'Pailwaan,' sharing the screen with 'Anna' Suniel Shetty, and more. Check-in to know what all he said.

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Sudeep on Transformation for #Pailwaan, Working with Anna & More

Sudeep, who primarily works in Kannada cinema, is playing a fierce wrestler in Pailwaan, again a Kannada film. The 46-year-old, who plays the antagonist in Salman Khan's Dabangg 3, says he lost 10 kilos for the film Pailwaan and also mentioned that the comments he received for his physical transformation for the movie, though good, were 'embarrassing.' He also says that he sported three looks in the movie.

Sudeep told in an interview,

“Even though people are observing or talking about my look in the film in a good way but in the beginning, I did feel a bit embarrassed. This is worst then being dressed, you need to be perfect. The embarrassment was scary. Salman Khan has been into fitness for a long time and if he can feel like that in Sultan then what I am? I did have my fears. I was scared initially.”

He added,

“It was a big challenge for me. I had to eat diet food, everything was calculated and measured. I have three looks in the film - bulky, lean and the transformation. I was 84-85 kg and I had to come down to 73-74 kg.”

Further, while talking about the crossover of artists between the South Indian film industry and Bollywood film industry, he said that 'it is the beginning of a beautiful era.' The actor told PTI:

"People here think South is so good (in making films) and we think what great films Bollywood is making. It is a beautiful phase where there's an exchange of ideas, thoughts. It is the beginning of a beautiful era."

He added,

“Viewers across the country and globe are welcoming content from different languages. Earlier there used to be a problem of skin and accent but today it is not there. People have grown. There is a difference in their mentality. Now there is no divide of borders.”

Sudeep is one of the biggest stars in the Kannada film industry, but the actor said he never lets fame get to his head and treats it as an inspiration to work harder.

“I know my films got me here so my concentration is on doing great films and getting great scripts. I have no inhibitions.”

He added,

“My fans are there because of my work, because of the films that I did. They are my assets. Fans are there, but they should not become my arrogance. My fans do guarantee me a good opening on the day my film releases. So the responsibility is more on me on doing quality work.”

When he was asked that if the physical transformation in Pailwaan challenged him, he said-

“There was a joy about discovering certain things about myself, and moving one step ahead at a time with this film. I am someone who has never gymmed, but had to for Pailwaan. I achieved this result in five-six months of working out. It usually needs years of dedication. Truth be told, there was too much of gravity beneath me. I was not feeling light, and my reflexes were slow. I realise that only now. I was 89.5 kg and now weigh 74 kg. My waist size has dropped from 36 to 31, and I don’t ever remember being this size!”

Must say, words of Kichcha Sudeep are an inspiration to many!