Oops! Subhash Ghai Postponed the Biopic on Sarabjit Singh

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The prominent director of Bollywood ‘Subhash Ghai’ earlier proclaimed his plans of making a Biopic on Sarabjit Singh. But now the director has decided to postpone the movie for some diplomatic as well as sensible reasons.

Sarabjit Singh was an Indian death row convict, who spent 22 years of his life in a Pakistan prison, on the charges of espionage. But a few months ago the Indian prisoner died following a brutal attack in Pakistan prison by his jail mates.

Director Subhash Ghai said that- "We could not find the right cast. Besides, the Indo-Pak relationship is at such a juncture that it wouldn't be right to do a film like that. I feel it just isn't the right time."

Sonakshi Sinha to Play the Role of Daljit Kaur in the Biopic

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Sonakshi Sinha

‘Ishwar Singh Muchhal’ had been selected to direct the film. Sarabjit had been chastised to death after being indicted for a string of bombings that killed almost 14 persons in 1990 in Pakistan. Moreover, Pakistani authorities considered Sarabjit as an Indian spy though his family claimed that he was a victim of wrong identity.

But in 2013 April, the suspect was attacked by his jail mates in the Kot Lakhpat Jail. And about a week Sarabjit died, although details of his death remained unclear.

Subhash Ghai Approached Amitabh Bachchan to Be a Pakistani Lawyer

According to rumors, Bollywood actress ‘Sonakshi Sinha’ was approached to do the role of ‘Daljit Kaur ’ Sarabjit's sister.

Also reportedly ‘Anurag Sinha’ was also approached by Subhash Ghai for the lead role in the Biopic. Apparently, earlier the filmmaker Subhash Ghai also spode to ‘Amitabh Bachchan’ for the role of a Pakistani lawyer but he refused to accept the offer.

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