SRK's Happy New Year Trailer - Something Not So Happy!

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Bollywood lovers doubt the flick is a disguise Bhansali movie and not a Farah Khan venture. Although it’s hard to believe but the fact is that the motion picture is directed by choreographer and director Farah Khan. The Happy New Year trailer compels us to think that the movie is a flavourless admixture of the director’s older films like Main Hoon na and Om Shanti Om.

Chennai Express demonstrated the strategy of Shahrukh Khan to recycle his elements of his own earlier movies however this formula worked well with the movie but the as the same medicine cannot cure every ailment so the same cinematic elements cannot prove a hit.

SRK and Farah's Film - Happy New Year

The Happy New Year trailer bespeaks that the talkie is an inspirational venture from a number of SRK and Farah Khan’s films which makes the motion picture deprived of any new motion. The trailer reveals the lack of originality in the film. Even the story too plagiarizes the mesh of Dhoom films.

The storyline of this coalition of SRK and Farah Khan revolves around a group of humorous but witty men and a hot woman Deepika Padukone who imparts the colour of glamour to the flick. This mob of men and one woman plans a game plan to rob the casino on the New Year eve. A dance number precedes the robbery as can be seen from the Happy New Year trailer. Apparently it seems that you will ride on Happy New Year which will land you around the sequences of Dhoom films.

Deepika Padukone Role in Happy New Year

Even Deepika the leading lady of the talkie is still magnetized to her character of Tamilian in Chennai Express with hinglish as her mother tongue. She is being portrayed as a dancer named Mohini who tries to beat Katrina Kaif’s acrobatic moves in Dhoom 3 but perhaps she is not that successful in her act. However her pole dance is not so regrettable.

Khan debuts as Charlie in his new avatar is the only new element in the flick. Sood is in his regular way showcasing his muscular body. Abishek Bachchan has his so called presence in the movie similar to Dhoom 3. Conclusively Vivaan shah; the young hacker is no exception in the Happy New Year trailer. The trailer reveals that the movie highlights the Indian sentiments in a regular fashion of Farah Khan’s stylus.

Farah seems to be influenced by his brother Sajid Khan and hubby Shirish Kunder who are well known for their absurdities in their directional ventures. But as hope sustains life we should hope this influence does not impacts the movie “too much”.

Conclusion -

However the motion picture is a melodrama; the Happy New Year trailer shows the Bollywood symptoms as the usual Farah Khan film. Paradigmatic dialogues and the parody of the casted actors in the movie may pull you towards the theatre to watch the action drama. But in spite all true SRK fans won’t miss this out in order to maintain their loyalty towards SRK. This is one of the few factors which could mark the box office collection of this film.