SRK’s Twitter Banter with Zero’s Bauaa Singh will Beat Your Monday Blues

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Quite recently, the film Zero’s main character Bauaa Singh which is played by Shah Rukh Khan was introduced to Twitter as a promotional strategy. The director Aanand L Rai welcomed him tweeting, “Mera Dost Aa Gaya”.

Bringing a fun-filled twist to the film promotion campaign, SRK and Bauaa Singh are having an exchange of witty and hilarious tweets. And we bet this is something that’s sure to beat your Monday blues! On Saturday, Bauaa tweeted to SRK that his mother said SRK looks a lot like him.

"Arre bhai Shah Rukh! Meri mummy ne aaj aapko bahut bada compliment diya! Boli aap mere jaise dikhten hain! Humne kaha haan dimple toh same hai par dressing sense apna thoda theek karo guru!" tweeted Bauua Singh.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1056069004421414913&

To this, SRK thanked him for the compliment and wittily replied, "Meri mummy kehti thi aadmi kapde banata hai, kapde aadmi ko nahi! Aapki DP dekh ke lagta hai ki saat janam mein bhi mera dressing sense aap sa nahi ho payega. Baaki dimples hain mere aapke jaise, uske liye thanks! Tum bahut Kachhe insaan!! oops, Achhe insaan lagte ho!"


Soon after this banter, Bauaa Singh called out to all the ladies on Twitter, posting a karva chauth special tweet:^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1056140215620841472&

And yesterday, SRK asked Bauaa Singh on Twitter “.@BauuaSingh Suna hai tum jiske peeche lag jaate ho, life bana dete ho... tumhare peeche koi lag jaaye toh kya banate ho bhai..?” Bauaa Singh gave an epic reply (an owl emoji) to this.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1056562983269105664&

Bauaa Singh has a got a verified Twitter profile which has happened only recently as his profile mentions ‘Joined December 2013’. Interestingly, he has 244k followers already. According to his Twitter bio, he is "Thoda aashiq, thoda shayar, poora meeruthiya... Beta, main kuch bhi tweet karoonga. Meri marzi.”

The fans got introduced to Bauaa Singh when the film’s teaser was released at the year’s start. Then on Eid-al Fitr, a special teaser featuring Bauaa Singh & Salman Khan was released. Apart from Shah Rukh Khan playing the vertically challenged protagonist, the movie stars Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma.

Zero’s trailer will be out on King Khan’s birthday which falls on 2nd November. The movie is slated to release on December 21.