Sonu Nigam Protest on Abhijeeta��s Twitter Account Suspension! (Stats Of Last 24 Tweets!)

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Recently Abhijeeta��s Twitter account was suspended. It was reported that the reason for this suspension is the frequent use of derogatory language against fairer sex (Shehla Rashid). While there were many stood for the singer calling Twitter activity inappropriate, one among them was B-town singer Sonu Nigam.


He recently headlined for another controversy where he tweeted about the sound of morning azan loudspeakers at mosque would not let him proper sleep.

24 Tweets Of Sonu Nigam Before He Deleted His Twitter Account

He re-tweeted Abhijeeta��s tweet as a supporter and expressed his disagreement on Abhijeeta��s Twitter handle suspension.

Sonu Nigam was trolled endlessly which lead him to the Twitter rant early morning, and he decided to delete the Twitter account. But before that he gave his message in 24 Tweets.

Following are his 1-24 Tweets in series clearing all his words.

So, this is all Sonu Nigam Tweeted. Let us know what you guys think about all this rant twitter rant and account deletion.