OMG! Sonam Kapoor Calls Govt as Idiots to Ban Porn Sites

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Porn Sites Blocked! Is Government is trying to be an innocent one? A lot of questions always arise in the mind when the final decision is to be ticked by the government and that too for the adult matter. The news published yesterday to ban the porn sites in India has again saddened many of the A sign lovers.

Interestingly, some of our inspirations from the Bollywood have strongly reacted to it. Sonam Kapoor is the first A- lister who answered stoutly against this new administration decision. She called the government as idiots and sick for this jerky decision.

Sonam Kapoor Tweeted:

Sonam Kapoor Tweeted

Ram Gopal Verma and Vishal Dadlani also Disliked the Govt Decision

The popular director of the Bollywood industry Ram Gopal Verma (RGV) is also disagreed with the Govt decision. He said the decision taken by the government to ban around 800 porn websites is resulting in 1000’s of responses from different people. In a day or two there will be again a number of porn websites that will voiced over Internet.

Ram Gopal Verma Tweeted:

Ram Gopal Verma Tweeted

The former singer and the composer Vishal Dadlani Tweeted:

Vishal Dadlani Tweeted


Let us now wait for the next news whether Govt will change their decision by noting so much retroaction from the crowd or they will move on with the same action?

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