Exclusive: Sonali and Gautam Steps Out of the Bigg Boss 8 House

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In the December 5 episode of Bigg Boss 8, two of the contestants got luckier enough to walk out of the glass walled house.  Well yes, two contestants of the house apparently saw the outer world and the fans for the first time yet the inception of the show.

Sonali and Gautam Gulati Walked Out of Bigg Boss 8 House

Hot Sonali Raut and Gautam Gulati turned out to be the fortunate contestants who caught the opportunity to step out of the house for shopping. Bigg Boss 8 announced a task in which Gautam Gulati and Sonali Raut were taken to a mall, where they had to shop.

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As it was a Bigg Boss 8 task, thus nothing could be as simple and straight as it looks! The two contestants had to buy the luxury food items however not from their money. Sonali Raut and Gautam Gulati had to convince the people present in the mall, to pay for their purchase.

Gautam Gulati and Sonali Raut-BB8

Gautam Gulati and Sonali Raut Convinced the Fans to Pay For Them

They were given the limited time span of 15 minutes in which they had to purchase as much things as possible for the Bigg Boss 8 house. Initially the two were nervous however soon started doing the task. Both the contestants managed to gather a lot of luxury food items for the inmates.

The two arrived in the Bigg Boss 8 house late at night. All other contestants of the house were seen excited to see the luxury budget items at the same time Gautam Gulati and Sonali Raut narrated them the whole story. Later than the contestants were seen enjoying their chocolates meanwhile their hot gossips and blathers.

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