Sasural Simar Ka: Simar Set a Trap to Reveal Truth of Secret Lady

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Colors channel’s hit show Sasural Simar Ka, which went on air yesterday, was too mysterious. In the previous episode of this serial, we all saw, that Simar (Deepika Samson) slapped Aman very tightly. But, the secret behind the slap was revealed in the recent episode. Well it was all a plan, of Simar and Aman to reach the real culprit.

Simar’s Slap to Aman was Fully Fake and was All Their Plan!

Aman and Calendar left Bhardwaj house, but not their colony. They actually shifted to a nearby location. Suddenly Calender said Aman that why they are still staying here, when the whole Bhardwaj family is insulting them? Aman replied, he is feeling sleepy, so he should ask this question to someone else.

sasural simar ka


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Aman pointed towards Simar. And that was the shocking part in the entire scenario. The slapping and insulting was all planned by Simar (Deepika Samson) and Aman, to find the truth of the lady who was doing all the things.

When Simar Came to Know about Mausi Ji’s Innocent

Jhanvi came to Simar’s room with milk for Prem and Simar. She saw Sanju (Tvisha Jain), who was sleeping. She sat with her and said she is still looking scared and she will again come to check her temperature. Roli (Sara Khan) also came to Simar’s room and asked that where was she? Jhanvi didn’t know about her, she said check in Mataji’s room, and Roli went out from there.

At Aman’s place, Simar and Aman were seen planning for their next step. Simar said, we had to wait until she (the unknown lady) makes any mistake. Simar Said Aman that she went to the jail to meet Mausiji where she saw her crying. Her tears revealed the truth that she was innocent. She said that this is clear that it’s not the game played by Mausiji and someone else is doing this and she is forcing Mausiji into it. Simar said now she has to go, before anyone notices her and then she came to Bhardwaj house.

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