Sasural Simar Ka: Simar Gets Scared Seeing the Green Eyes

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Colors TV serial ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ is going on a very scary track these days. Simar (Deepika Samson) followed the mysterious woman. She faded when she found that Simar is following her. Simar saw her near the temple that was downstairs. Suddenly, Simar hide herself behind the pillar and watched the lady without blinking her eyes.

The green-eyed lady went to the red door room which was behind the temple. Simar though in her mind, that if she goes to the red door room then she is not a ghost, because the room goes through the temple. Simar thought that would she go there or not? Then she decided to go there and risk her life for her family.

Aman Caught Shruti (Avika Gor) in the Bhardwaj House

On the other hand, Aman and Calendar were outside of the Bhardwaj house. Amar continually called Simar, but her phone was out of coverage. Aman asked, how could they know that Shruti (Avika Gor) is in the house or not? She was not outside. Aman said calendar, we won’t give up, you go to house, check is she there or not, and I will check her in the Bhardwaj house.

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Sasural Simar Ka Roli

On the contrary, Simar went near the red door room and looked in from the key hole. She saw those green eyes. She was scared badly. On the other hand Aman found Shruti in the Bhardwaj house. He clenched her hand and Shruti got scared. Aman said her that she made him to follow her. If she has no connection with Bhardwaj house, then why she came there? Aman was continuously thrown questions to her. But Shruti didn’t say a single word. Aman asked her that is she the woman, who is playing games with Bhardwaj family.

Simar (Deepika Samson) was Frightened to See the Mysterious Lady

Sasural Simar Ka serial

Furthermore, Simar steps back in fear. She stood up and ran to her room and lies on her bed. She said herself that what she saw in the red door room, can’t be true. A woman entered in her room and said her that she changed her path. Simar stood up from bed in fear.

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