Silly Comments Made By Bollywood Celebs

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With a bunch of really hilarious statements that make us wonder whether we all really live on the same planet. Let us embark on the merry journey of splitting laughter at these 11 mind-numbing Bollywood brain-farts.

 1)      "I'm a boys' girl! I come from an army background and I haven't known what being a 'good Indian girl' means." - Anushka Sharma

2)      "I don't think any actress in the last 10-15 years has essayed such a deep role." - Kareena Kapoor

3)      "I truly believe that no actor can touch me." - Shah Rukh Khan

4)      "If you're not good looking, you're considered a good actor, you know what I mean?" - Sonam Kapoor

5)      "Karzzzz was as big as a Khan release." - Himesh Reshammiya

6)      "I will agree to do only two heroine or a solo heroine film." - Esha Deol

7)      "Alia Bhatt is Robert De Niro of our generation." - Varun Dhawan

8)      "I'm lucky that I haven't been left out in the cold like Mumta Kulkarni or Meghna Kothari." - Ameesha Patel

9)      "When I go abroad women throw themselves on me." - Anu Malik

10)  "I am well-spoken and people find me charming, though very few people deserve my attention. I am very elitist like that and don't like giving attention to everyone... I consider myself a good brand ambassador." - Priyanka Chopra

11)  "If a girl wears a shirt and a skirt, does she become more sensuous? I think a girl in a sari is more sensuous than a girl in a skirt. In my opinion, a wet sari is the most sensuous." – BipashaBasu