Sasural Simar Ka: Siddhant Followed Shruti to Know the Truth

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26 January 2015 episode of Colors TV show ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ illustrated a lot of suspicion flowing in the air. Sid (Manish Raisinghani) was very angry on Shruti (Avika Gor). When Prem (Dheeraj Dhoopar) asked him to come home, he said, first he will find Shruti and will get her arrested. Sid believed that Shruti took advantage of their generosity. Consequently, Sid started following Shruti. Shruti became scared; she ran and went inside an unknown house.

Siddhant Reached Vashnavi’s House in Search of Shruti (Avika Gor)

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Sasural Simar Ka written episode

Unfortunately, that house in 'Sasural Simar Ka' was Vashnavi’s house (Vashnavi is a woman, who saved Sattu in the hospital). Shruti asked Vashnavi to let her stay in her house for some time as someone is following her. Shruti hide herself behind the soja, and the door was again knocked by someone. That was Sid at the door. He saw Vashnavi and said her that he knows her; she is the woman who saved her brother’s life in the hospital.

Vashnavi said yes, and asked but whom you are searching for? Sid said, he is searching for a girl, who is playing games with her family. Vashnavi said there is no one in her house. Sid said ok and he left from there.

Fake Roli Took Sanju in her Room and Bolted the Door from Inside

On the other side, Sanju came and asked Simar (Deepika Samson) about her wellness. Simar said she is fine now. All the members of bhardwaj house told Simar that they have trust in her. They didn’t trust Shruti for whatever she said. Sujata said Simar that she needs rest and she asks everyone to come with her. Fake Roli (Sara Khan) asked Sanju to come with her, but Sanju didn’t want to go with her.

Fake Roli said, Sanju is a good girl, she always hears her, and she never breaks her promise. Simar said, Sanju is not well so she would not go anywhere. Roli said Simar that she needs rest and she will take care of her daughter. Fake Roli took Sanju to her room and bolted the door from inside.

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