Why Shraddha Kapoor Refuse her Relationship with Aditya Roy Kapur

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Shraddha Kapoor Refute all the Claims about her Link-up with Aditya

Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur never reveal about their relationship. And very recently, they both were caught together late in the night. Shraddha and Aditya were spotted together on numerous occasions. The Haider Actress has given many statements debunked all the claims about her unite with aditya.

“People loved our onscreen chemistry in Aashiqui 2, so they keep linking us up. But no, I am not seeing Aditya. We are just good friends."

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“I would come clean if there was something there. Aditya and I are good friends. We share a close bond because of our Aashiqui 2 journey. We enjoy hanging out together. But there’s nothing more between us.”

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“I’m absolutely single. I don’t know why stories about these link-ups come about. Just because you work with someone and share good on-screen chemistry with them does not necessarily mean that you’re dating.”

“My parents know exactly what’s going on in my life. They are aware of my equation with Aditya and that we are good friends. They know what Aashiqui 2 has done for both us. “Aditya is really special; I hope we always stay close.”

“Aditya Roy Kapur is my 3 AM friend.” Isn’t that phrase done-to-death?

And in the last, when all her statements doesn’t made any difference than she said “This is a two-year old rumor now, and it should just die. It must die its death.”