Shraddha Kapoor - Farhan Akhtar ‘Secret’ Relationship!

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In our Bollywood society the relations built so fast that we do not recoganize the couples. Shocked! Yes, when the reports come stating the talented .gorgeous Shraddha Kapoor and Rock on Farhan Akhtar is the new couple in the town. The two stars will be seen together in Rock On 2 for the first time. However the news is really a rumor or else truth?

As Farhan Akhtar was getting divorced from his wife Adhuna, This is really speculating that what is the reason behind this divorce. Is it Shraddha Kapoor is the reason for his divorce? Let’s see whats the truth behind it.

Shraddha Kapoor - Farhan Rock On 2 Relationship Secret!



As per the source Bombay Mirror after success bash of the Baaghi held recently, The Baaghi girl Shraddha Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar come close to each other on the dance floor. Both danced so close that they took up dirty and naughty dance step on floor. Surprised! The Masala factor is that both Sharaddha and Farhan were cautious till Shraddha’s father Shakti Kapoor was around. As her family left Sharddha was only seen with Farhan and both left the party together in same car.

Ahem! This left us with many questions. Well what you think about these dirty dancing Fans?

Well, what you think about this they are in relationship or else they are just good friends?

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