OMG: Shiamak Davar Sexually Accused His Two Foreign Students

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Famous Bollywood choreographer Shiamak Davar has been professedly blamed for sexually misapplying his two previous students in Canada!

In an interview with a foreign press, Percy Shroff, 40, and Jimmy Mistry, 33, both of North Vancouver, purportedly said that they continued years of undesirable sexual touching from Shiamak, who they say misused his power as their otherworldly pioneer to control all parts of their lives.

In spite of the fact that Davar has been sued on the premise of these assertions, the Bollywood choreographer has denied every one of them. Shiamak Davar upposedly shows move in six countries and has sold a huge number of albums.

Shocking: Shiamak Davar Said His Alleged Students are Lying

Shiamak Davar
Shroff said in an interview "I used to believe that his word was god.… I just wanted to please him,".

Shiamak Davar said "In India, your guru, your teacher, goes way up there in respect, almost, if not more than your parents, so you don't think he can do anything wrong,”

In a composed reaction to the claims, Shiamak claims the assertions are not genuine and that the two previous dance specialists are attempting to destroy his character, notoriety and subsidiary organizations.
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