Jodha Akbar: Sharifuddin Kidnapped Salim for Revenge

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In previous episodes we saw Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) and Akbar (Rajat Tokas) celebrates Salim’s birthday and Jodha hug to her son Salim, also promises that she never complained to Akbar about Salim.

In December 12th episode of ZEE TV serial Jodha Akbar, Salim tells to Rukaiya (Tondaon Lavina) he always feels that Jodha and Akbar are bad parents, but now he feels they are changed. After that Rukaiya was so tensed about Salim’s thought and his attachment towards his parents. On other side Jodha Begam is very pleased and tells to Akbar that Salim hugged her after long time duration.

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Sharifuddin Escaped from the Jail and Kidnapped Salim

MaanSingh informs to Akbar that Sharifuddin escaped from the jail. Everyone becomes busy with Salim’s birthday celebration and Jodha went to the temple with Salim. But Akbar sends them to the temple with guards.

In the temple Jodha becomes busy in prayer and Salim comes out from the temple, guards are forbidden him to go here and there but Salim ignores. Sharifuddin’s men who were waiting outside the temple and they kidnapped Salim.

Sharifuddin Send Message to Akbar

After that kidnapper sends a message to Akbar, that Akbar should free Sharifuddin’s father Khwaja Moin, to get back Salim.

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