Shahrukh Khan First Time Speaks about his Son Aryan’s Debut

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Shahrukh Khan is the most loved actor of Bollywood and he is a great father as well. First time he speaks about his son Aryan Khan’s debut into Bollywood. In the recent award function, SRK was questioned about his son Aryan’s debut.

Shahrukh Khan Answered about his Son Aryan’s Debut

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“No, no, no, no is all I will say for now”, chuckled SRK. According to a source, when the question was asked to Shahrukh that Aditya Chopra will launch his son in Dhoom 6, King Khan Said “Maine to nahi bola na. jinhone bola unse pucho. (I did not say it. Ask the people who said it.)”

He is very young right now. He needs to complete his studies first. Abhi usko padh lene toh do. After that, he will make his own career choices. As of now, there are no plans of him getting launched in the industry", SRK clearly made a statement.

SRK Said his Daughter Suhana Wants to be an Actress in Future

“Aryan is not media friendly. He is extremely shy. But my daughter Suhana wants to become an actress someday. She is very good in drama and she tells me, 'Papa I'll become an actress'. But I will never force her. Now she is busy finishing her studies and there's a long way to go. But I will be happy if any of my kids become an actor", He added more.
Shahrukh is busy in the shooting of his upcoming venture ‘Raees’, which is a Yash Raj club movie.

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