“Sex Is Better In My Thirties” – Bold Kalki Koechlin Speaks!

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Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani star Kalki Koechlin is always seen bold talking about Sex and all those stuff which other shy away to speak or talk.

Sex is considered as a huge taboo in our society it is just considered awful  and as if you have done some crime in our Indian society.

But Kalki Koechlin  is not among who conform and speaks on these topics very boldly.

Kalki Koechlin is a bold actress and she speaks clearly on such topics as in recent interview she talked about sex, love relationship .

Kalki KoechlinKalki-Koechlin

In her recent interviews to Elle, Kalki spoke about sex, baby!
Kalki Said - Sex is better in my thirties; I’m less inhibited with my body. In your twenties, you’re very worried about how people perceive you. I’ve become more selfish in bed now. And I’m much fussier (about partners), my bullshit tolerance is a lot less. I don’t just like someone because they like me, which was the case usually. As you get older, you’re just grateful to be getting some.

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