7 Lavish Bollywood Celebrity Homes- Make You Feel Envy

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You know your Bollywood Celebrities spend almost a fortune when it comes to their luxuries. Whether we talk about their lavish cars or the place that they call home, they never give it a damn when it comes to amenities. Rather fans are too always interested in getting along the belongings of their stars. Thus today we are here with a list of Bollywood celebrity homes that are not less than castles in any sense.

Unseen Pics of Bollywood Celebrity Homes

Amitabh Bachchan House
amitabh bachchan house pratiksha

We all love our living legend Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, and how could a legend live in a non-legendry place? Mr. Bachchan not just has a single house; in fact he has a plethora of 5 houses itself in the City Mumbai.  The permanent celebrity home of Mr Bachchan is Jalsa which is worth a huge sum of Rs. 112 Crores.

Shahrukh Khan House

Shahrukh Khan House

King Khan, Shahrukh Khan lives in a palace. Shahrukh’s mansion mannat, has all the amenities under a single roof that a person could ever imagine. The value of the mansion is somewhere between 200 crores.

Salman Khan House

Salman Khan House

Salman Khan lives in Galaxy apartment in Bandra and the actor is apparently going to make a move to a newly purchased home.

Aamir Khan House

Aamir Khan House

Aamir has recently shifted in a rented apartment due to the renovation process of his Pali Hill mansion.

Ranbir Kapoor House

Ranbir Kapoor House

Ranbir Kapoor lives in his family mansion Krish Raj on Pali Hill with parents. Apparently the actor is said to make a move with Katrina.

Akshay Kumar House

Akshay Kumar House

Akshay lives in a duplex flat at Juhu. The flat is in Prime Beach and is a sea-facing home.

John Abraham House

John Abraham House

John Abraham, the hunk lives in a penthouse which is designed by his father and brother. Embraced with landscaping and natural elements, the penthouse is amongst the celebrity homes which are a treat to live in.

Watch Insights of Shahrukh Khan House Here:

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