'Savitri': Ram Gopal Varma's New Controversial Stunt!

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The filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma who has always been in the highlight for all wrong reasons, has now stirred a now hullabaloo by introducing the poster of his new movie 'Savitri'. The first look or flick of Ramu’s controversial movie showcase a women in red saree, and a teenager gazing on her navel, with a caption:

“who is your Savitri? Please share the experiences of such Savitris, so we would incorporate them in this movie. So, Get Lucky with Savitri’"

Along with releasing the vulgar poster, Ram Gopal Varma even urged people to share the experiences of their first crush. He even declared his first crush, who was Saraswathi his teacher during schooldays.

The film maker is again in controversy

Ram Gopal Varma movieAs per now the vulgar poster has drawn censure from all fronts including social media. In addition, the poster has also been objected as “vulgar and is a violation of child rights.” by The State Child Rights Protection Commission.

 So far, there is no response over the matter from Varma’s facet.

Well after recently troubling the emotions of Ganesha’s devotees, it seems that stirring controversies is the filmmaker’s favorite job.