Satyamev Jayate 3, Episode 2: An Attempt To Save Lives

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The much anticipated show, Satyamev Jayate’s 2nd episode brought the much conspicuous topic of road accidents into focus. As with every passing day road accidents are becoming a regular cause of dead in our country, thus the Aamir Khan underlined the measure of road safety in India.

The show highlighted every tiny root cause of road accidents from bad road designs, their poor maintenance, and road infrastructure as well as road safety measures, to help control the rate of life loss. Many survivors and sufferers of grievous accidents were called upon the show, who shared their major downers.

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Road safety experts, transporters, truck drivers, and government officials all were called upon the show and were discussed with, over the matter. The other much talked about matter was the neglectful natures of the passersby who   avert to help the victims.

Along with talking to the people in power, the host Aamir even appealed people to help, all those who are in need, follow rules and strictly evade drink and drive. As appreciated by many, the episode was a path breaking attempt to save thousands of lives!!