Satyamev Jayate 3 Ep5: Aamir Notified Mental Disorder Issues

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Aamir Khan commenced his show Satyamev Jayate 3 while focussing on the detrimental effects of depression and several other mental ailments can overshadow the mental soundness of a heartily healthy individual. The multiplying suicide rate be spoken by the demographic figures; specifically concerning on the youth of our nation is a sprouting issue in the present scenario.

Aamir Khan Sprouted the Issues Relating To Mental Health

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It was a worthwhile initiative of Mr Perfectionist to throw light on this malaise prevailing in the country of which the youth are falling prey to. He had a conversation with the people who have evidenced and underwent the bleak situation of seeing their family ones suffering from mental disorders which swayed away the emotional rhythms of the spectators.

The ratio of people unaware of the numerous forms of mental disorders makes the situation allusively more alarming.