Sasural Simar Ka: Simar is All Set to Investigate the Truth!

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Episode number 1153, Sasural Simar Ka written update: The show aired on April 6, 2015 showed Roli who is crying for hearting her Simar di. Conversely, Simar becomes assured that there is indeed something mysterious that Roli is heading. Roli leaves the house with a heavy heart and Simar watches her and thinks her to stop. However, she leaves, here Simar says I know that something is making you helpless however you aren’t along I am with you always.

By the time Roli leaves, Calendar notices oil leaking out from Roli’s car and informs Sattu. Here, Prem comes to Simar and talks about Roli. Simar asks him that if he thinks Roli left because of her? Prem replies that no he doesn’t think so, but she also should understand Roli’s pain over her investigation. He makes her realize Roli’s pain and leaving stating that he won’t let Roli cry and she should think over her decision.

Sasural Simar Ka: Calendar and Amar Notices the Oil Traces!

Sasural Simar Ka Written Update

Calendar and Amar thinks about the oil leaking in Roli’s car and thinks that there might be something mysterious about the car that she is hiding. Prem comes there, asks Amar not to multiple the problems, and let everything be the way it is.

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Simar Dishearten to See Prem Misunderstanding Her in Sasural Simar Ka

On the other hand, in  Sasural Simar Ka serial, Simar was seen crying thinking that Prem is taking her wrong, she even doesn’t want to heart Roli! Meanwhile Amar comes to Simar and he notices her crying.

Sasural Simar Ka Latest News


After hearing the reason, he says that they should stop the investigations here itself, as its causing troubles in her personal life. Mataji comes there and she gives power to Simar. She tells Simar, to be Roli’s strength and take her out from the trouble. Consequently, Amar and Simar start the investigation with a new force.

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