Sasural Simar Ka Serial: Simar Tries to Escape Roli from Detention

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Sasural Simar Ka written updates: Episode of 3rd March 2015 showed that Simar gets the keys and thinks now she will get Roli out of the detention. But Simar also says she shouldn’t tell anything to her family otherwise Roli have to pay for her mistake.

After some time Fake Roli comes with Sid in the drunken condition. Suddenly Uma comes and asks what happen to Fake Roli, to which Simar says that she is drunk. Simar says to Uma that this is the right time to escape Roli but suddenly Fake Roli holds her hand and asks to come with her.

Sasural Simar Ka: Jatin Gets Shocked to See a Snake in Trunk

Sasural Simar Ka Serial

On the other side in Sasural Simar Ka serial, Jatin says Amar and Prem that you have to give this back to Fake Roli. Suddenly they open the trunk and Jatin gets shocked to see a snake in the trunk. Prem says they ave this trunk that’s why they all are alive but they must take care of the trunk properly.

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In Simar’s house, Fake Roli tells to give her the trunk then only she tells her know Roli’s address. But suddenly Sasural Simar Ka cast Sid enters the room and Roli changes the topic. Apart from this entire incidence, Perm says to Simar that you will take care of Fake Roli alone because they are going somewhere at night. To which Simar says please both of you take care and hugs Prem.

Sasural Simar Ka Cast Simar Gets Stunned to See Fake Roli

Sasural Simar Ka Serial Sasural Simar Ka cast Simar thinks this is the right time to get Roli out of there. Simar sneaks downstairs in the mid night. Simar says everyone is sleeping and goes towards the red door to escape Roli. The door doesn’t open and suddenly she saw Fake Roli standing in front of her.

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