Sanjay Dutt Racks Up Six Packs Abs in Yarwada Central Jail!

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Sanjay Dutt the Munna Bhai of Bollywood is in jail for 5 years, however the actor doesn’t seem in the mood to waste a single minute there. Well Sanjay who came out on a furlough of 14 days has shed a lot of sweat during his prison, as Sunjay Dutt body suggests so.

Sanjay Dutt Flaunts His Six Pack Abs, Coming Out From Jail

Sanjay Dutt has been granted 14 days furlough and was released on Tuesday from the Yerwada Central jail. Munna Bhai arrived home on Wednesday and was seen proudly flaunting his six packs. Sanjay apparently worked hard inside the jail to attain his chiseled body leaving that bulk behind, which even raised many eyebrows.

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After coming out from the jail first thing, which the actor did was to lift his shirt to give a scoop of his six-pack abs to the paparazzi present out there. When Sanju Baba was asked about oodles of weight loss then he confirmed,

"I have lost 18 kilos inside jail. I had made six packs and now I will make eight packs". Not just working out, Sanjay spends his time in jail writing scripts. "I have written almost 10 scripts while I was in jail",

Munna Bhai Planning To Watch PK with Family

Sanjay whose recent release PK is doing well on the big screen is ever planning to watch the film soon with his family,
"I heard about the success of PK and I am very happy. I will also watch the film. I will celebrate the film with my family. Moreover, all that a convict can celebrate is his holidays."

The on screen Munna Bhai even clarified that he isn’t getting any special treatment inside the prison, "I had put in an application for a leave almost five months back. Had I been given special treatment, my leave would have been accepted even if I applied 15 days back",

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