Doli Armaanon Ki: Samrat Disgraces Urmi by Making Her Drink!

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These days, Zee TV’s liked show Doli Armaanon Ki is on a track where Urmi’s ex-husband Samrat (Mohit Malik) is back in her life. The baddie who earlier tortured and afflicted Urmi (Neha Marda) is now back with new plans to make her ex’s life a curse.

Baddies will always be baddies; Samrat is now set with a new plan against Urmi. Do you want to what is Samrat planning to give Urmi a drubbing? Well we came to know that Samrat would ruin Urmi’s ‘mooh dikhai’ rasam. Startled! Yes, the miscreant would this time, spike Urmi’s drink.

Urmi to Perform an Embarrassing Dance in Her Reception

Doli Armaanon Ki Serial

Swapping of Urmi’s drink would fall Urmi in a thwarting situation, whilst she would perform a foul dance in front of her family members. This isn’t all, the Sushil Bahu would moreover try to make a sweet dish for the family members which she would end messing up with.

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Urmi in Doli Armaanon Ki

Doli Armaanon Ki lead (Urmi) would put salt in the sweet dish in the place of sugar, caused by Samrat’s trick of swapping the bottles. This would be going to make innocent Urmi’s situation even bad in front of her family members. Poor Urmi!

Ex-Hubby Samrat to Spoil Urmi’s Sweet Dish To Shame Her

A source close to the show let us know that, “Urmi will yet again be fooled by Samrat, wherein he will spoil the sweet dish made by her. Unaware of this game plan, Urmi will set her trays for distribution to all in the house.”
Well, this is just the start, there would be many more strategies and plans coming out of the box of stockpile of Samrat.

Stay tuned with this space for more interesting and exciting Doli Armaanon Ki written update to know what’s up next in your favorite show! For now watch this video in which Urmi is giving some hints about the spiced up forthcoming episodes of the show.

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