BB8: Sambhavna and Kashmira Argues over Gautam and Diandra’s Link

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We have seen Bigg Boss contestants partying inside the house however this was first time in the history that the Bigg Boss 8 contestants got an opportunity to invite their friends inside for partying.

Bigg Boss 8 Contestants Party Hard Inside the House

Well, yesterday BB8 house was seen crowded with celebrities, from different domains. Actors, actresses, TV stars, Rjs and music directors and composer, all were seen inside the glass walled house.


Sexy Sambhavna Seth and Kashmira Shah, the ex-Bigg Boss 8 contestants were also seen in the party. Where on the one hand Kashmira Shah came as a guest of Diandra Soares on the contrarily Sambhavna Seth was a friend of Gautam Gulati.

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Dimpy and ex-husband Rahul Mahajan also came face to face during the Bigg Boss 8 party. Dimpy became a bit emotional seeing Rahul after a long period of time.

bigg boss 8-Dimpy-Rahul Mahajan

Sambhavna Seth and Kashmira Advices Gautam about Diandra

Amid all the party fun and guests, Sambhavna and Kashmira were seen included in a conversation over Diandra Soares and Gautam Gulati’s relationship. Kashmira bow down to the washroom were Diandra gave birthday kiss to Gautam Gulati and was seen convincing Gautam to came upfront about Diandra. Here, Sambhvna Seth Kept on persuading Gautam that Diandra is unsuitable for him.

Bigg Boss 8 latest news

Lately the two were seen surrounding Gautam in the washroom area and debating about his relationship with Diandra. He looked a bit baffled amid the contradictory advices given by the two. Well Gautam though made clear that he and Diandra are just good friends.

The sneak peek of the upcoming episodes shows how Gautam would take the advice seriously and point on Diandra Soares for her bold actions.

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