Salman Khan Gets Kickback with the Sequel of ‘Kick’!!

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Salman Khan who is making headlines these days either for his personal life or due to sister’s Arpita’s marriage is afresh here to come up with a treat for his fans.

According to a source, ‘"Sajid is now being told by his distributors and friends to carry the story forward into a sequel because it makes a lot of business sense," 

Salman to Act in Kick’s Sequel

The star, who worked in one after the other blockbusters Dabangg and Dabangg 2, is yet again here with a sequel. Well it’s not too long from the release of his hit ‘Kick’ however rumors are getting hot that Salman is all set for the sequel of his hit Bollywood movie ‘Kick’. Rumors has it that the director Sajid Nadiadwala is going to come up with the script of the sequel very soon.

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With an overall box office collection of 234 cr. Salman made records with Kick, therefore we don’t see any reason for kicking back ‘Kick’ sequel, right?

Have a Look What Sajid Nadiadwala Said After Kick’s Success

"It's been a tremendous year for me. God has been kind. 'Kick' became far bigger than we imagined. And it's all because of Salman's star-power. I don't know whether I can direct again for a while. My hands are full with productions. I don't deny there is a growing demand to direct again. All I can say is, wait and watch,"

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