Dabang Salman Khan Branded As 'Traitor' and Jacqueline Defends

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Bollywood superstar and Dabang Salman Khan recently dubbed as a 'Traitor' or ‘Betrayer’ by certain political parties in Tamil Nadu during his visit to Sri Lanka. Salman campaigned for Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The super star’s campaigning for Shri Lankan President is being supposed as the President's attempt before the 8th Jan elections to get more public support.

MDMK Chief Vaiko Says- ‘Salman Khan a Betrayer’

The pictures of Salman Khan and beautiful actress Jacqueline Fernandez with Mahinda Rajapaksa create waves in the social media.

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MDMK chief Vaiko christen Salam Khan as ‘Traitor’. Vaiko said to a reporter about super star that

“He is also a betrayer." He said this because he is very upset with Bollywood star Salman Khan’s visit and his attempt to gather more public support for the election.

Checkout Jacqueline Fernandez and Salman Khan Pics in Sri Lanka



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Actress Jacqueline Fernandez Defends Super Star Salman Khan
The actress Jacqueline Fernandez’s statement to protect Salman Khan that-
"Salman donated 200 lenses to facilitate cataract operations in certain under-privileged areas. He also donated money. That was the main purpose of this visit. It bothers me that people can't see the good in any initiative. All they want to do is identify an ulterior agenda behind every good cause."

Further the actress added, "Salman is an individual in his own right who knows both Rajapaksa and his son Namal well. If he wants to drum up support for Rajapaksa that's his choice and nobody can question it."

Some political parties in Tamil Nadu got stonewalled with the Dabang actor Salman Khan and that’s why they branded him as a ‘betrayer’ or ‘Traitor’.