Jodha Akbar: Prince Salim Shows his Hatred for Anarkali

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In the previous episode of Zee TV’s high TRP serial ‘Jodha Akbar’, we saw Begam Jodha notices prince Salim going outside of the palace. Jodha thinks that Salim is out of the suffering now.

Jodha Believes, Akbar is Not Responsible for Farhan’s Death 

Jodha tells Akbar about all this and she also tells that, he (Akbar) should talk to Prince Salim about Farhan’s murder case. Jodha also clears saying that he (Akbar) is not responsible for Farhan’s murder.

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After that, King Akbar (Rajat Tokas) invites his advisers for a meeting to discuss Farhan’s case and investigation of her murder case. His advisers reports him that Farhan’s dead body had some prints of nails of an animal. Haider says that some human being could have also worn the animal’s nails and kill Farhan, directly indicated towards King Khambar.

Salim Comes to Know The Real Name of Arankali

Jodha Akbar TV Serial

On Other hand, Anarkali tells her friend that she is in love with Qutub. Suddenly Salim comes into the hut of Anarkali and tells her that I am not Qutub, I am Prince Salim, King Akbar’s son.

He also says that he saw her, when she was chatting with her friend and mother and that time he heard her real name ‘Nadira’. Salim remembers that she was the girl who was responsible for all the problems in his childhood. After coming across her reality, Salim hates Anarkali and he vows never to meet her again.

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