Sahir or Zaki Who Will Become Arzoo’s Humsafars?

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In the recent episode of Indian TV serial ‘Humsafars’, aired on Sony Entertainment Television, we saw huge misunderstanding taking place between Arzoo (Arzoo Nausheen Khan) and Sahir Azeem Chaudhary (Harshad Chopra).

Zaki Expresses his Feelings to Arzoo

In 8th January’s episode Sahir’s (Harshad Chopra) younger brother Zaki expressed his feelings towards Arzoo and proposesd her. Arzoo who loves Sahir got shocked after knowing that Zaki is in love with her and Arzoo is already badly hurt by Sahir’s ditch. She takes some time to think over Zaki’s proposal and finally decides to marry Zaki.

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On the day of Arzoo and Zaki’s wedding, Sahir instigates Arzoo against Zaki letting her know that how he got a girl pregnant. Sahir also threatens her by using her family as a weapon. Arzoo, who loves her family then decides to marry him instead of Zaki.

Arzoo Tie The Knot With her Love Sahir!

Finally, at the end they both tie the knot in Nikah ceremony, in the presence of all family members. At the time of marriage she realizes that she is marrying a person to whom she hates the most in her life and wonders about her miserable future. At the end, Sahir becomes lifetime Humsafars of Arzoo.

Stay with us for more updates about, what would be Arzoo’s next step?

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