Sadda Haq: ls Sanyukta killed by Rehaan?

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The youth channel V’s serial ‘Sadda Haq - My Life My Choice’ is a different type of show as compared to other daily soap. According to sources in the upcoming episodes of the show it will be seen that Rehaan (step brother of Randhir) decided to take a revenge from his brother Randhir. For this he will kidnap Sanyunkta (Harshita Gaur), because Rehaan knows well Randhir loves Sanyunkta.

Shocking: Sanyukta Died In Bomb Blast

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In Sadda Haq - My Life My Choice Rehaan kidnap’s her and locks her in car’s dicky and connects a bomb in the car. Randhir (Param singh) who loves Sanyunkta, will try his best to save her life by using his engineering skills. Sanyunkta will also try to unlock dicky and she get succeed, but the timing of the bomb passes out and it goes off. Sanyunkta will die in the blast.

Sanyunkta Comeback with New Avatar in 'Sadda Haq 2’

Are you thinking now is it true that Sanyunkta will die in the blast? Yes, it is right, but this is not the end of the show, the makers will bring Sanyunkta soon in other upcoming episodes in a whole new avatar. According to the rumors this will make a new season of ‘Sadda Haq - My Life My Choice’ that is season 2 to keep the story going on.

Sadda Haq stars with engineering students’ lives, and wholly based on men vs women theme  and on a girl (Sanyunkta) life who doesn’t have any support from her family, but she came to do Engineering to make her marks in the whole world. But getting a new twist by killing Sanyunkta will be worthy or not let’s see!

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