Rockstar Yo Yo Honey Singh on Bed Rest of Two Months

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The Desi Kalakaar, your very own Yo Yo Honey Singh is reportedly put on a two month’s bed rest. The rapper, who has charmed every young and old with his rapping skills, lately hurt his back as a consequence to which advices by the doctor to take a rest of at least two month.

Yo Yo’s ill Health the Culprit Behind his Absence from “India’s Raw Star”

Honey Singh who was hosting Star Plus’s show ‘India’s Raw Star’, is missing from the show since a while, and the reason behind that seems his ill health. The sing and rapper is apparently suffering from high blood pressure as well as a stress.

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What the sources has to say?

“Honey suffers from irregular blood pressure and high levels of stress. Ever since he made a name for himself, Honey had been leading an erratic and hectic life zipping across continents for his stage shows and Bollywood commitments. It has taken a drastic toll on his health. He has been asked to give his health utmost importance,” said a source.

Well, all we can do is to wish Yo Yo for getting well soon.