Super Nani Super Trailer: Rekha's Glam Avatar

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Super Nani scheduled to release on 24thOctober, has launched his first trailer. The film is directed by the directors Indra Kumar and Ashok Thakeria of movie Beta.

Rekha plays a lead role as Bharti Bhatia a fully dedicated lady to her husband, son and other family members, always praying and working out for the betterment of all of them. Her husband as Randhir Kapoor is shown as rich business man always makes and feels her down in front of others. Also, her son, daughter and daughter in law all together make her feel low, tortures, humiliates her and treat as maid, instead of giving respect like mother.

How Rekha(Nani) proves herself to be Super Nani

Rekha has been an excellent actress and always proved her for her acting. The films turn into exciting mode and situation changes when Bharti’s grandson as Sharman Joshi arrives to her. When he sees the situation, he plans and helps to prove herself and stand independently in front of all with the modern technologies and amenities of life within all the members of family. He changes the dress up and turns her into complete model at an age of 60 too. Showing all that age doesn’t matter when you want to face and prove yourself. All you need to search out your inner strength and work out on them.

She along with her grandson work out on the same and family feels ashamed of behaving in a unproper manner. The whole movie which reveals journey of a house wife, is filled with comedy, fun, emotions filled up with happiness, sadness will make you love the movie.

The movie leaves a message that if you want to change the people around you, you need to change and prove yourself first. Stay with us for the latest gossips, news, songs, and posters of the movie. Let’s see whether the Super Nani makes how much influence on the crowd.