Checkout: Ranveer Singh Says It’s Time To Talk About Sex!

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Ranveer Singh, the unabashed actor of Bollywood is yet again here, well this time not to entertain you with any of his film however to educate you about the most under wraps topic sex!

Rex Talk Video: Ranveer Singh’s Initiative on Safe Sex

Prior his scorching hot Durex condom advertisement, Ranveer Singh is here with the Rex Talk. On World Aids Day, Ranveer the upcoming Bajiro is spreading awareness apropos sex. Ranveer Singh’s 2 minute video taglines “We want to create a world with better, safer sex. Let's get people talking!"

In the video, Ranveer is talking about people’s mentality in our country about sex and the lack of sex education. The Rex Talk video focuses on people’s disgrace on sex talk which leads to severe concerns as STDs, AIDS and unwanted pregnancy.

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Have a look What Ranveer is Discussing in His Sex Talk

Being the Bollywood youth icon Ranveer Singh is letting people know that sex is not a taboo to talk about so that the youth come up front with sex related issues.

If you are silent about the reason you are there in this world then there is no reason for you to be there.

Sex is a beautiful and perfectly natural phenomenon. Everyone does it and by no means is it a bad or evil thing. So, there's really no reason to be cagey about it" says Ranveer in the sex talk.

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