Ranveer Singh Bodybuilding Transformation Video 2016

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How Indian girls are crazy for Ranveer Singh - it’s no more a secret. But did you know that how Ranveer tried hard for maintaining his physique and training hard in the gym these days.

He believes an ideal life is a combination of proper diet, rest and hard work, and infact, are the keys to his fitness.

In 2016, now he turn his normal workout schedule to the more intense level. We were able to catch his recent Bodybuilding photo from his social media accounts. You can judge how a pretty and charming boy Of BTown looks after a core weight training sessions.

Now this star is trying hard to be bigger with leanmuscles mass.Ranveer Singh Body Building Workout Video

Here’s an Instagram post and his video of Bodybuilding.



Thanks Ranveer for this amazing pic and video !!