Bajirao Ranveer Singh Ad Campaign for Hungry Children

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Ranveer Singh is not known for being a piece of the best advertisements. From vests to condoms, the Bollywood actor has acted in a few frightful advertisements. Anyhow, his campaign called 'India Ke Hunger Ki Bajao with Ranveer' in a joint effort with Chings Noodles and Askshaya Patra, is most likely among the best TV ads he has done.

The video demonstrates a uniquely emotive Ranveer Singh at school with a group of children pondering what can be purchased for Rs 750 in today's extravagant times.

Watch Ranveer Singh Fun and Learn Time with Children

Ranveer Singh then goes ahead to rundown the different overrated things you can buy for 750 bucks, from some espresso to one women lipstick, which are blended with charming scenes of his association with the children.

The last 30 seconds of the video shows Ranveer Singh attempting to persuade you to give to the reason with improvised lines such 'go ahead & donate or I'll stay here and continue mouthing gooey dialogs' and ’just do it.'

While we can't say how enticing Ranveer's performance offer is, his chemistry with the youngsters is very stunning.

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