Rani Meets Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & Promotes Her Comeback Film a�?Hichkia�� At IWC 2018

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After a hiatus of three years, Rani Mukherji is making her much anticipated and big comeback to Bollywood with a�?Hichkia��. She has been actively promoting her film by making several public appearances, from reality shows to press conferences to other events. The film pivots about a teacher named Naina Mathur (played by Rani) who suffers from Tourette syndrome.

Rani recently attended the inaugural session of International Womena��s Conference 2018 held by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's a�?Art of Livinga�� in Bengaluru. She went on to deliver a heartwarming speech about 'Hichki' in leadership and society. She was accompanied by many other women achievers from various spheres. She donned a traditional silk suit and had a gajra tied around her bun at the event.

In her speech, she said:

a�?Creativity is my favourite word. It is a great idea if we send our kids to art, music or dance school, but it is also a great idea to encourage our kids to be curious and ask questions,a�?
Rani even said that women are born to be leaders and added further,
a�?A leader needs to be creative as a creative leader will connect with his people. And women have the instinct to be natural leaders.a�?
Speaking about how actors have to keep adapting themselves according to the changing times, she said,
a�?I feel innovation cannot be defined by life-changing, future-altering creations. Ita��s a part of our daily lives. As actors, if we dona��t innovate, we will lose our audience.a�?

Rani Interacting With Sri Sri Ravi Shankar At The Event


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