What! Rakhi Sawant Wants to Marry With Donald Trump? - Video

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Undoubtedly, Rakhi Sawant is a typical drama queen. She has taken popularity to the internet again. Well, dona��t know who is her fan but she always take part to remain in the controversies. A TV actress and a model who once wanted to marry Narendra Modi, and she was so much in love with him that she even donned a dress with Narendra Modi pictures on her butt.

Dear US People You should Make our Modi Your President

Now that, she is back and guess whos the lucky one on her target radar (lol)? This time she has taken a solid point over the President of United States, Donald Trump. A video of Rakhi sharing her views on Donald Trump is going viral on the internet. We are unable to understand the feeling this video has left us with, but yes, it is irritating because of Rakhi Sawanta��s presence yet hilarious at the same time.

True it is! Rakhi Sawant to Turn Bisexual for her Upcoming Release!

The video begins with TV actress Rakhi Sawant plagiarizing Donald Trump for calling ugly women. She has raised her opinion of saying other woman as ugly and has criticized him for showing slighting thoughts on women. In addition, she has also expressed her chep thoughts of marrying with Donald Trump! Lol! But, he is too old to get marry - she is okay to go on a dinner date with him.

Herea��s the video you may find it entertaining!!