Swaragini: Ragini and Sanskar Makes Evil Plans Against Swara

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In Swaragini serial, Dadi supports Swara (Helly Shah) as she needs her to get hitched soon to Lakshya Maheshwari (Namish Taneja). It would appear that Dadi now know Ragini's (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) abhorrence confront and that’s why she is supporting Swara.

At the point when Dadi stops Ragini, who tries to stop the marriage, the last tries to conceal by saying she needs to invest more energy with Swara thus she doesn't need the marriage to happen soon.

While, Ragini and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) are making a decent attempt to stop Lakshya and Swara's marriage, Sanskar's mom Sujatha figures out how to incite Annapoorna against Swara, as the last doesn't like her.

Swara Wants to Married Soon With Lakshya in Swaragini Serial

In Swaragini serial, Durga Prasad Maheshwari returns home with family as Panditji was to alter the marriage dates of Swara and Ragini. Shockingly, Panditji says that day was propitious day for engagement. While Swara's ring tumbles down while making Lakshya wear it and Ragini lifts it up. Ragini doesn't give the ring to Swara as she didn't need them to get ready for marriage.

Swaragini Latest News

While everybody begins hunting down the ring, Pandit ji requests that they hustle just a bit as the shub muhurat was finishing. Exactly when Annapoorna says the engagement ought to be deferred, Dadi gives her ring and Lakshya-Swara trade rings in the colors serial Swaragini.

To see Lakshya and Swara together, Ragini cries, while Lakshya looks befuddled as he considers the recordings against Swara which was given by Ragini and is confounded about Swara's conclusion.

Dadi Turns Positive and Ragini Turns Negative in Swaragini Serial

Pandit ji additionally reports the marriage dates as one week from now, which stuns all. While Annapoorna is still reluctant, Dadi consents to set aside a few minutes given. Swara expresses gratitude toward Pandit ji, while Ragini listens to them.

Swaragini Serial

According to Swaragini Latest news, Swara is stunned to see Ragini listening them. In the upcoming episode, Sanskar comes in the mask of Rajasthani men and blends medicates in Swara's food, which is made to eat by Swara’s mom Sumi.

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